Protect Your Wood Pole Investment

Wood utility poles are a significant infrastructure investment. In many areas around the world, and particularly in the south east United States, California and Hawaii they are vulnerable to damage by subterranean termites. These pests will eat wood poles from the buried-portion up, shortening the life of utility poles. Worse, replacing these poles brings another meal back to the waiting termites.

Polesocks™ protect wood poles from termites with an innovative stainless steel mesh barrier. Termites can't get through the fine, flexible steel mesh and look elsewhere for their meal. Unlike other products that are made of plastic and impregnated with pesticides, your Polesocks™ won't require any pesticide or chemical treatment after installation.

Extend the life of your infrastructure while reducing costs, and increasing profits. Polesocks™ are proudly made in the U.S.A., and are guaranteed for the life of your wood pole.