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Our Mission

In the 1990's we learned from utility companies that their wood poles were being destroyed by invasive subterranean termites, costing tens of millions of dollars and using a valuable natural resource. We started Polesocks™ with a clear mission:

Protect every vulnerable wood pole from damage by subterranean termites, without pesticides.

Since 1996 Polesocks™ LLC has been manufacturing our stainless steel mesh barriers that provide the only life-of-the-pole pest control solution. Polesocks™ are fabricated to the highest standards. Field-tested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, our high-grade stainless-steel mesh has been verified to be a 100% solution to subterranean termites.

Our Team

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Wayne Parsons                   Sandra Sardinha

Founder & CEO                                   Founder & COO

Media Kit

Polesocks is the only product that's 100% effective at preventing ground termites, and the only one that is pesticide-free.

We've put together a media kit that will make it easy for you to help tell our story. Please contact us to setup an interview or for more information about Polesocks. 

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Our Customers

Polesocks™ are used extensively by communications companies, power utilities, the United States federal government, and local government agencies. With installations in place for nearly 20 years and many satisfied customers, Polesocks™ is committed to delivering quality products with outstanding service and support. 

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