How Polesocks Work

Why We Created Polesocks

We created Polesocks™ after talking to utility companies and discovering that wood poles designed to last for 75-100 years were being replaced, in vulnerable areas, after just ten years because of damage from subterranean termites. Utilities spend millions of dollars a year replacing poles because of termite damage, in addition to the costs of secondary damage from premature pole failure. We can solve this.

Termites can't penetrate Polesocks™ steel mesh

Polesocks™ are made of a marine-grade stainless steel mesh that creates a barrier termites can't penetrate. It's as simple as that - we prevent termite damage by keeping termites away from wood poles. Polesocks™ are the simplest, most economical and environmentally-friendly way to protect wood poles from subterranean termite damage.

How Polesocks Prevent Termite Damage

Our solution provides complete protection from termite damage for the life of the pole, without pesticides or other chemicals. The marine grade stainless steel mesh that we fabricate Polesocks™ from is guaranteed to last longer than the wood poles they protect in most soil conditions. Our stainless steel mesh has been field tested by the United States Department of Agriculture in Gulf Port, Mississippi and was verified to be a 100% solution to ground termites.

how polesocks work


Polesocks Installation

Polesocks™ are installed when a new wood pole is put in place. The steel mesh fully encloses the pole beneath ground, extending above the bury depth. The steel mesh fabric is secured to the wood pole with steel straps. An optional shade cloth further protects the above-ground fixtures.


Installation of Polesocks™ doesn't require special tools beyond those on a typical crew truck. Learning to install these products is easy, with support and training available.

polesock installation

Polesocks™ can be installed by your field crews with minimal training 

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