Sizing Chart

Polesocks are sized to match ANSI wood pole classes. The key dimensions to have when ordering is diameter or circumference of the pole at bury depth, and the bury depth. This chart will help you choose the right size Polesock for your application. Stock sizes range from maximum diameters of 13.5” to 32” and maximum setting depths from 6’-6” to 12’.

Custom Orders

Polesocks™ LLC will also fabricate custom sizes to your specification. Request a quote for your custom order and to receive manufacturing and shipping details. Polesocks are available worldwide.


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Pole Class Polesock Model Pole Height Diameter Circumference Setting Depth
ANSI Pole Class 2 CC214
Up to 80'
13.5" to 17"
Up to 53.4"
Up to 5'-0"
ANSI Pole Class 2 22218
Up to 80'
13.5" to 17" Up to 53.4" Up to 8'-0"
ANSI Pole Class 1
Up to 100'
17" to 18.5" Up to 58.1" Up to 9'-6"
ANSI Pole Class 1
22224 Up to 100'
18.5" to 24"
Up to 75.4" Up to 8'-0"
ANSI Pole Class 1
22232 Up to 100'
24" to 32"
Up to 100.5" Up to 12'-0"