Polesocks™ has many satisfied customers in the utility industry and government, and is seeing success in many other industries. Protecting an expensive, long-term investment like large numbers of wood poles is a smart choice, leading to cost savings and increased profits. Polesocks™ pesticide-free ground termite prevention solution is a smart choice for any organization that works with wood poles in infested areas.


In addition to utilities, governments at every level were some of the first to see the benefits of Polesocks™. The United States Army and Navy, city and county governments, civil defense departments, parks and recreation departments and many other agencies who operate in areas infested by subterranean termites have chosen to protect their wood transmission poles with Polesocks™.


Public utilities and for-profit private utility companies alike turn to Polesocks™ to increase the service life of their wood power poles. Protecting this investment from damage by ground termites increases profits in the long-term. Many PUCs will allow the cost to be passed to rate payers, since Polesocks™ pesticide-free stainless steel mesh is an environmentally-friendly solution. 


Recreation Facilities

Many recreation facilities use wood poles. Zip line courses, golf driving ranges, fun centers and facilities that mount outdoor lights on wood poles spend thousands of dollars for this infrastructure. These areas are often near watered landscaping, and that moisture is an added factor that attracts Formosan ground termites. Protecting these facilities, and your customers from injury by pole failure, is easy with pesticide-free Polesocks™.

Ranches & Private Land Owners

Large private landowners often invest in bringing in utilities to serve their properties. Ranchers who operate hundreds or tens of thousands of acres expect their equipment to last for years. Polesocks™ will extend the life of your wood poles with a pesticide-free, low-maintenance subterranean termite prevention solution.

Pole House Builders

Many eastern and southern states that are vulnerable to storms and flooding are also in the range of the ground termite. Many homeowners in coastal or low-lying areas are choosing to build pole houses to elevate their homes above storm surge or flood levels. Protecting the subterranean structure of these homes from termite damage with Polesocks™ is a smart long-term investment.