Polesock for 24 Inch Dia. Wood Poles & 10.5 Ft Deep

The Polesock designed for utility poles between 19 and 24 inches in diameter, item# 22224 is chosen by many for-profit and cooperative utility companies to protect their large transmission poles. This size Polesock is also popular for protcting wood poles in non-utility applications, including golf driving ranges and zip line courses.

Pole Sizes:

  • A maximum diameter of 24 inches (24")
  • A maximum setting depth of 10.5 feet (10'-6")

Pole Sizing Chart

Available Accessories:

  • Our Abrasion Shield protects Polesocks from puncture when installed in rocky holes, and from damage during transportation. These accessories are made from a specialized woven polyethylene fabric that allows water drainage around poles. Abrasion Shields are specified by many Utility customers.

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