Polesocks Goes National - Available Throughout the United States

polesocksMarch 15, 2016 Honolulu, Hawaii: Today, Polesocks LLC announces the expanded availability of their subterranean termite barrier for wood poles outside their home market of Hawaii. Utility companies and other users of wood utility poles throughout the United States can now protect their wood utility poles from damage by subterranean termites. Pole socks is made of marine-grade stainless steel wire mesh that has been shown by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be 100% effective at stopping termites, and lasts the life of the wood pole it protects. A Polesock is a pesticide-free physical termite barrier that has protected thousands of wood poles in Hawai’i _ without failure _ against the Formosan termite. This has saved the end-users, owners of the poles, many millions of dollars while also helping the environoment.

Wayne Parsons, founder and CEO of Polesocks LLC, says “Hawai’i has one of the most severe subterranean termite problems in the United States. For 19 years customers like Hawaiian Electric Company, the Department of Defense, and other wood pole usershave avoided termite damage to their infrastructure with Polesocks.” Parsons adds “Utilities in California, Arizona, and throughout the Southwest and Southeast spend millions of dollars each year replacing wood poles that have been damaged by ground termites. Customers in these states can positively impact their bottom line starting today.”

Polesocks are made of a specialized marine-grade stainless steel that has been field-tested in many conditions, with a decades-long track record of performance. Polesocks are designed to last longer than the wood poles they protect, which typically should last from 70 to 80 years, in most soil conditions.

“Polesocks save utility companies money from the consequences of pole structural failure including cost of replacement and sonbsequential lasses to customers and injury to persons and propertry” says Sandra Sardinha, Chief Operating Officer “but just as important, it completely eliminates the use of pesticides which have a poor history of success against termites. Chemical pesticides leach into ground water - a situation that can now be completely avoided. It’s an important way that utilities can contribute to green initiatives, safety and injury prevention, and benefit their bottom-line while doing so.”

Polesocks LLC products are available in many standard wood pole sizes and can be purchased directly from their new website at polesocks.com. They are also available in custom sizes to meet customer specifications for any wood pole size. Polesocks are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Wayne Parsons
Wayne Parsons


CEO of Polesocks LLC

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